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"Jon's curriculum is designed to get you in the air flying a paramotor in the safest and most efficient manner possible. To do this, he relies on a brilliant progression of 'need to know' concepts, each day building incrementally on knowledge embedded and physically trained the previous day. Skills previously learned are reinforced daily as you gain proficiency. You may never have kited a glider in your life, but you'll be flying cross-country in a week's time. Jon is the real deal: a passionate aviator and mentor, a model citizen, patriot, and paramotor enthusiast who cares deeply about giving back to the sport and building a healthy, self-regulated community of fellow pilots. You simply could not ask for a better instructor to get you in the air. It will change your life!

 — Justin Sipla

Former (Lifelong) Student, Paracosta

"While launching on my first flight just weeks after training with no instructors present, it dawned on me as I started gaining altitude that the reason I felt so comfortable and safe in the air was in large part due to the knowledge I had gained through my training at Aviator PPG with Jon Eisele. He truly does have a passion for this sport."

 — Dany "Tony" Quintanilla

Former Student, Aviator PPG

"ParaCosta is legit — One of the best experiences I've ever had. The whole team is great. They definitely know everything about this sport. Overall I'm glad I chose ParaCosta. I learned so much. Thank you for everything!  PURA VIDA from California!"

 — Chris Surabian

Former Student, ParaCosta

"From the first time meeting Jon, I could tell he was passionate about the sport, I was excited to have him as an instructor. There are many reasons to recommend him, but what stood out the most was his work ethic. Even after some 12 hour days, Jon was meticulous about maintaining and cleaning equipment, was always improving his presentations, and always had advice after a session of kiting or flying, all with a friendly and positive attitude."

 — Sean Hutchinson

Former Student, ParaCosta

"Throughout Jon’s class I was impressed with his teaching style, thoroughness, and depth of knowledge. His training style is very methodical so you don’t miss any steps and yet he keeps the class moving and interesting. Better yet, his teaching doesn’t stop after he’s earned the tuition fee; when Jon learns something new he passes it on quickly, and it seems he’s out there learning new things constantly! Jon really is one of those guys you want on your team - whether he’s leading or watching your back."

 — Rob Pheil

Former Student, Aviator PPG

"Wow, what a curriculum. In a week, Jon covered FAR Part 103, weather, airspace, two cycle engines, paramotor frames and harnesses, glider design, basic flight dynamics, and safety. And to a high degree of detail. Honestly, this would have been impossible if he wasn't such a gifted teacher. He made it all interesting and easy to understand. Fun even. He did a great job of setting a pace that kept the class engaged, and deftly avoided all student attempts to side track. I'm so glad I got to take his course. If I wasn't 30 years his senior I'd want to grow up to be just like Jon."

 — Buzz Burrowes

Former Student, Aviator PPG

"I trained with Jon at Aviator PPG in February 2017. While being a passionate, detail oriented pilot who communicates and demonstrates excellent training, he can own up to his mistakes so others can learn. Jon is always after improving his trade, himself, and everyone around him."

 — Robert Durbin

Former Student, Aviator PPG

“Jon has a deep passion for all things flight along with a special gift for teaching. He’s patient, knowledgeable, and excited to teach a craft that he clearly loves. A surefire sign of a great teacher is one that never stops learning and is always improving their ways of conveying course material; Jon overwhelmingly hits all of the necessary marks as a passionate teacher and trusted mentor. Having been one of his recent PPG students, I am excited and proud to endorse Jon as an instructor, aviator, mentor, patriot, and great friend.”

— Ken Baylor

Former Student, Aviator PPG

“Jon was my one of my instructors at ParaCosta in March 2018.  I learned more from Jon's ground school classes in one week than I had from months of prior research and reading. He has a clear passion for paramotoring and aviation in general, and is committed to shaping pilots who not only fly well, but positively impact the sport as a whole.”

— Andrew Pearman

Former Student, ParaCosta

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