Powered Paragliding

The Most Free and Accessible Form of Personal Flight

A Powered Paraglider, also known as a PPG or paramotor, is a motorized ultralight aircraft that utilizes a paraglider (similar in appearance to a parachute) to allow a pilot to fly like a bird or an airplane.


Paramotors are easy to launch, easy to land, and easily transportable – pilots are able to takeoff and land within a football field-sized area, and a complete PPG set-up is small enough to fit in the trunk of a compact car.  Paramotors can also be either foot-launched or wheel-launched by design. 


The paraglider itself is elliptical in shape and has no rigid structure. The pilot is suspended underneath the paraglider by lines and secured into a harness, which is attached to backpack-like motor unit with a rear-facing propeller.


Paramotor pilots have the ability to fly gracefully with the birds along the treetops, or for more advanced, thrill-seeking pilots, perform high-energy aerobatic maneuvers.

Because there are no standards of airworthiness or certifications required for either pilots or equipment, the sport itself is the most affordable form of personal aviation, and easily accessible to anyone who has always dreamed of flight, but perhaps never had the means or opportunity.


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