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Our Team

“There's a big difference between a pilot and an aviator: one is a technician; the other is an artist in love with flight.” 

— E. B. Jeppesen

Members of our hand-picked instructor cadre don’t just consider themselves to be instructors—they also consider themselves to be coaches, educators, mentors, and friends that are committed to the long-term safety and success of their students. We’re a group of experts, professionals, and artists committed to perfecting our craft, and passionate about sharing and fostering the sport we love.


Our experienced instructors understand the importance of focusing on each student as an individual; they understand how to:


  • Adjust their teaching methods and instructional techniques to most effectively accommodate different backgrounds, learning styles, and physical abilities.

  • Bounce between roles resembling an educator, coach, disciplinarian, psychologist, cheerleader, parent, and friend. 

  • Identify and leverage the student's strengths and prior experiences.

  • Identify and overcome the student's weaknesses and obstacles to learning.

  • Guide students away from counterproductive thoughts or distractions. 

  • Encourage, inspire confidence, and help student conquer their fears and frustrations.

  • Anticipate, mitigate, and manage risk throughout the training process.

  • Help each student achieve their goals and reach their full potential as safely and efficiently as possible.

  • Assist students in developing sound techniques, good habits, a mindset towards safety, and a foundation of knowledge. 


We invite you to read more about the members of our instructor team below:

Interested in joining our team as an apprentice or featured instructor? Please reach out using the contact form below, or send us an email at

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