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Our full-time paramotor training facility is located at Hartford Municipal Airport (KHXF) in Hartford, WI. Situated a few miles off of Highway 41 and surrounded by rural Wisconsin countryside, Hartford is approximately 20 min NW of Milwaukee, and an hour and a half north of the Chicagoland suburbs. There are many nearby options for lodging, and we are happy to provide you with our personal suggestions. If you’d like to visit or fly from our facility, please contact us in advance, as we may be offsite during our normal business hours.


Pilots: If you wish to fly from Hartford Municipal Airport, please continue reading below, and reach out to us prior to your arrival so we can share our best operating practices at the airport.

Local/Private/Destination Training:

We’re mobile, willing to travel to host training sessions, and always on the lookout for new training locations! If you have a group of two or more students and at least one student plans on purchasing new equipment through us, we can schedule a local or private training course for your group.


At a minimum, we require an area suitable enough for a makeshift classroom (preferably air-conditioned), and a flat, open, hazard-free area of at least 2 acres. In the past, we’ve trained at satellite locations including Jaco, Costa Rica; Huntsville, AL; Appleton, WI; and Wauchula, FL. We’ve used a combination of RVs, airport FBOs, airplane hangars, Community Colleges, living rooms, and Airbnbs for lodging and classroom instruction, and would consider doing so again in the future.


If you have a potential training location or custom training request in mind, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at, and we'll further evaluate your request to determine whether or not we can meet your needs.

A Note to Paramotor Pilots:

Especially considering our training operations throughout the spring and summer months, we kindly ask that you try to minimize visiting operations at Hartford Municipal Airport. We've worked hard to build good relationships with the airport management, flight school, tenants, and local pilots, and the last thing we'd want to do is saturate the pattern with paramotor traffic and wear out our welcome.


Please be aware that there's a wide variety of aviation going on at Hartford—between local airplanes, constant tailwheel training, glider towing, business planes, and helicopters, the airport can get fairly busy with traffic when the weather is good—please keep in mind that most of these pilots are not used to seeing paramotors at airports, some do not have radios, and a lot of them are student pilots. 


To keep everyone safe and help preserve our flying site, we've developed operating procedures which you can find below. We also keep open lines of communication with the flight school, monitor CTAF, and make when traffic advisories when students are flying. If you’re interested in flying from Hartford Municipal Airport, please reach out to us prior to your arrival so we can show you the ropes, keep you out of trouble, and answer any questions you might have. 


Training Operations

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