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Contracted Instruction & Consulting

Equipping instructors with the tools they need to become effective, efficient, and safe

While some of the most experienced and successful instructors might seem to know everything there is to know about flying, the best and brightest of instructors will freely admit what they don't know. They'll usually go on to explain that they're always learning, and their quest for knowledge and improvement is a never-ending one. They always seem to be exploring new ways to make themselves and their students better than they were yesterday. The very best will often be found surrounding themselves with experience and working with other instructors, trading their methods, techniques, and lessons learned to make each other better. However, many newly-minted instructors make the common mistake of venturing into the profession alone—it doesn't have to be this way! 

It's easy to underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to set up and manage a paramotor school or become a skilled, experienced instructor. There’s a lot more to the profession than simply being a good pilot or paramotor influencer who can crank out social media content, sell equipment, or teach someone how to squeeze a throttle really good. Passion and skill alone are not enough. The path to becoming a paramotor Jedi requires desire, dedication, and discipline; gaining expertise involves a great deal of practice, patience, persistence, and support. 

If you're a school owner looking for help with developing your curriculum or supporting your upcoming training session, or a new instructor searching for mentorship in mastering your craft, we offer services to help you achieve your goals. We know what it takes to make a good instructor, and we take a lot of pride in developing damned good ones; since 2017, we've helped build several schools and mentor instructors throughout the country and abroad, many of which we continue to be partnered with. We invite you to check out our instructor cadre here.

While it requires hard work and sacrifice, helping students achieve their life-changing goal of running into the sky in the midst of a safe and transformative process that you provided is indescribably rewarding. It's what keeps us coming back for more, and why we enjoy equipping instructors with the knowledge and experience they need to be successful. 


Our services include: 

Instructor Coaching & Development 

Just as it's our goal to equip beginner pilots with the foundation of skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to operate safely and independently following training, we desire to equip new instructors with the techniques, knowledge, and resources they need to build a comprehensive, safe, and reputable training program. This includes the ability to:


  • Adjust their teaching methods and instructional techniques to most effectively accommodate different backgrounds, learning styles, and physical abilities.

  • Bounce between roles resembling an educator, coach, disciplinarian, psychologist, cheerleader, parent, and friend. 

  • Identify and leverage the student's strengths and prior experiences.

  • Identify and overcome the student's weaknesses and obstacles to learning.

  • Guide students away from counterproductive thoughts or distractions. 

  • Encourage, inspire confidence, and help student conquer their fears and frustrations.

  • Anticipate, mitigate, and manage risk throughout the training process.

  • Help each student achieve their goals and reach their full potential as safely and efficiently as possible.

  • Assist students in developing sound techniques, good habits, a mindset towards safety, and a foundation of knowledge. 

You can learn more about our training philosophy here.

Contracted/Freelance Instruction

We enjoy working with and sharing knowledge with other instructors and schools! If you're a school owner looking for additional instructors to support your upcoming session, or would like to collaborate in hosting a joint session, we'd like to talk with you! Please fill out the contact form below or reach out to us at

Curriculum, Syllabus, and Lesson Development 

It's common for many entry-level paramotor instructors to be challenged or intimidated by the amount of information they must present to students. We're eager to mentor instructors in the development of their own well-thought-out curriculum, training syllabus, lesson plans, presentations, class materials, and teaching methods.

Although many schools do an adequate job of equipping students with the physical skill they need to fly paramotors, a comprehensive and well-presented ground school course is arguably the most often neglected aspect of many paramotor training programs. As an instructor, it's critically important to be able to help students navigate and understand complex subjects including regulations, aerodynamics, weather, airspace, and aeronautical decision making, so they have the ability to make safe and responsible decisions for themselves following training.

Our program utilizes a phased-approach to training and integrates a comprehensive ground school course alongside outdoor exercises and successive flights. Our instructor cadre has invested a great deal of time and energy into discovering the most effective training sequence, which is reflected in our training syllabus and subject to continuous refinements. Beginning with the very first lesson on ground handling, our program’s systematic and deliberate process builds skills and lessons on top of each other like “building blocks” throughout the course of instruction. To learn more, please fill out the contact form below or reach out to us at

Instructor Coaching & Development
Contracted/Freelance Instruction
Curriculum and Syllabus Development
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