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About PPG

A Powered Paraglider, also known as a PPG or "paramotor", is a motorized ultralight that uses a paraglider to allow the average person to run into the sky and fly like a bird or legend of Greek mythology. 

"Can you imagine living years and years ago,

as a person with the desire to fly,

and no way to achieve it?"
— Paul H. Poberezny


Our Training

Comprehensive entry-level paramotor instruction built on the tenets of proficiency, knowledge, confidence, safety, and fun!

Our Services

Passionate about serving, educating, and inspiring others. 



We value the relationships we forge with our students and customers.


About Us

ParAmerica was established in 2017 in an effort to professionally advance the sport of Powered Paragliding through education, training, and consulting. 

ParAmerica is proudly partnered with Resurgence PPG, a 501c3 adaptive sports charity committed to helping military veterans and disabled service members overcome new life challenges through the sport of Powered Paragliding. Resurgence provides personal flight experiences to adaptive capable wounded and disabled veterans through exposure of tandem paramotor training flights and solo training progression. Learn more at

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