All paramotor pilots worth their salt are well familiar with the golden rule of PPG: Don't Be A D#ck

DBAD: A Guidebook to Paramotor Regulations, Law, and Public Perception, began as a chapter from a larger instructional book which I am currently in the process of writing.  My goal for the complete book is for it to serve as a supplement to entry-level ground school instruction, which introduces the importance of each topic; clearly establishes learning objectives for both students and instructors; serves as a resource during and after training; and equips beginner-intermediate level pilots with the requisite knowledge to make safe, informed, and wise decisions independently. 


Aside from future editing changes, DBAD will be presented exactly as I intend it to appear as a complete chapter within the finished book.  In the meantime, I feel it important to make the chapter available to the public, free of charge, as I believe it will add significant value to our paramotor community during a critical era of unprecedented growth and visibility. 


DBAD is currently in the process of being reviewed by trusted colleagues in the aviation industry, paramotor community, and field of Aviation Law.  Once the final draft of the chapter is complete, it will be made available for download here, and I would sincerely appreciate readers donating whatever amount they feel appropriate in return.  Once again however, DBAD will be offered free of charge, reguardless of whether or not a donation has been made.  Future developments regarding DBAD and the completed book will be announced via our Facebook page.

Blue skies and tailwinds, 

— Jon