The ParAmerica staff can conduct the classes themselves, mentor resident staff in developing their own instructional techniques, or combine with resident staff to teach ground school classes.


 Practical/Applied Instruction:  Alongside resident instructors, ParAmerica staff will lead and provide personal instruction for introductory ground handling lessons, Motor Simulation Exercises, Thrust/Posture Exercises, and Winch Tow Exercises [if School Operator is equipped to do so].  Time and weather permitting, the ParAmerica staff will also assist the resident staff in conducting as many student flights as the schedule allows.

Instructor and Curriculum Development: The ParAmerica staff will advise and assist School Operators in developing a premier customer experience, and a unique, effective, and safe training program, while privately mentoring resident instructors to develop their individual instructional skills and techniques.  Prior to beginning training, ParAmerica staff will coordinate with resident School Operators in order to answer any questions, identify any special requirements, determine training objectives, establish a schedule, and individually tailor the training experience as necessary for each session.  

Please contact us directly to discuss your unique needs, or to request more information on our services offered, scheduling, terms, and rates. If we are unable to serve you, we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our training partners, or an instructor that can better suit your needs.