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“There's a big difference between a pilot and an aviator: one is a technician; the other is an artist in love with flight.” 

— E. B. Jeppesen

Jon Eisele, Founder and Owner

Jon Eisele is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor and USPPA certified PPG Instructor, and has trained more than 260 students to date. A lifelong fixed-wing pilot and third generation aviator, Jon's father taught him how to fly an airplane many years before he learned how to drive a car. The annual EAA AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh, WI was also a significant influence in Jon's young life, which further inspired him to pursue a life of aviation. Jon set his sights on becoming a Marine Corps aviator and graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2010, where he earned a degree in Aeronautical Science and commission in the United States Marine Corps. 


As a Marine, he served with the 2d Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, NC, and II MEF in Sangin, Afghanistan. During his combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2013, he served as an Advisor to an Afghan Nation Army Infantry Battalion, which equipped him with skills that he continues to rely on today as an instructor and consultant. After completing US Army Airborne School, Jon learned how to fly paramotors in 2014, which radically changed his perception of aviation. After exhausting all options at becoming a Marine Corps aviator, he left the Marine Corps as a Captain in 2016 to return to aviation, and joined the team at Aviator PPG in Lake Wales, FL as an instructor. There, he led the training program for nearly three years, contributed a wealth of instructional skill and knowledge, and as a founding member of the Paradigm aerobatics team, was also instrumental in bringing the first ever paramotor aerobatics event to a major US air show at AirVenture 2016.  After a year of working apprenticeship, Jon received his USPPA Instructor certification from the legendary Eric Dufour in 2017, and started his own business, ParAmerica, in an effort to professionally advance the sport of paramotoring through education, training, and consulting. Through ParAmerica, Jon helped train students, mentor instructors, and build several schools throughout the United States and Costa Rica including FlyMiPPG, ParaCosta, Skyfield Flightworks, and ParAmerica: Rocket City. During this time, he was featured in Aviator’s Instructional DVD on Ground Handing, and also completed the 2018 Icarus-X Florida race, where he proudly represented Resurgence PPG, a 501c non-profit established for the purposes of guiding wounded military veterans to overcome life challenges through the transformative power of paramotoring.

Jon then earned his FAA CFI rating and joined the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) as the Flight Programs Manager in 2019, where he managed daily flight operations, the EAA Sport Pilot Academy, various AirVenture airshow operations, EAA’s Pioneer Airport, and air tour operations for EAA’s B-17, B-25, Ford Trimotor, and Bell helicopters. During his time at EAA, Jon also provided flight instruction for the employee flying club, wrote articles about paramotoring for SportAviation magazine, and was featured on EAA's GreenDot Podcast. In 2021, Jon left EAA to resume his personal mission of advancing the sport of paramotoring, and joined the Airythmia aerobatic team which performed at AirVenture. When he’s not flying paramotors, Jon enjoys being outdoors, duck hunting, tailgating at Packers games, and flying airplanes off into the sunset with his dog, Charlie.

Justin Fox, Featured Instructor 

Justin Fox is a USPPA-certified paramotor instructor and has been flying paramotors for almost a decade. As the son of a US Air Force Air Traffic Controller, Justin grew up in Chugiak, Alaska, where general aviation, adventure, and exploration were a way of life. As a child, Justin was inspired towards the life of an aviator by visiting the Eielson Air Force base with his father, watching him control aircraft, and playing in the hangars around military jets. Although he dreamed of joining the Air Force and one day becoming an pilot himself, his hopes were dashed when he learned that being colorblind would not only disqualify him from military aviation, but also from getting his FAA medical and Private Pilot License.


His dreams of flying laid dormant for many years until he discovered ultralights, which do not require an FAA medical or Pilot License to operate. Although in hindsight he strongly advises others not to follow in his footsteps, after moving to central Michigan, Justin was determined to teach himself how to to fly flixed-wing ultralights and paramotors from his backyard. While he enjoyed flying fixed-wing ultralights, it was paramotos in particular which captured his imagination and fed his voracious appetite for flying; through a process of trial and error, and a series of trials and tribulation, he spent the next year learning how to fly the equipment and building his skills. After learning how to fly, Justin became a very involved leader in the paramotor community by attending every fly-in he could, participating in online forums, and organizing paramotor adventure trips around the country to places like Moab; he flew from new locations with different people he'd never met before, all while gaining knowledge which honed his skill and experience. Meanwhile, his career as a skilled mechanic and Auto Body Technician gave him the experience to design and build his own paramotor, the titanium "SkyFox", which he now manufactures and sells to people throughout the world.


Justin met Jon Eisele at a training session at Aviator PPG in 2017, which inspired him to start his own school, FlyMiPPG, in St Johns, MI. After hiring ParAmerica to help build the training curriculum at FlyMiPPG and develop his skill as an instructor, Justin continued his education, earning his USPPA PPG instructor rating and tandem exemption. He also continued instructing with Jon on many different occasions and locations throughout the country and became an instrumental founding member of the Airythmia aerobatic team in 2021, which performed at AirVenture that same year.

Now as an experienced pilot and instructor, Justin’s passion has shifted from flying for himself to helping others find joy in running into the sky; he endeavors to pass along his hard lessons-learned to others, and provide them the training experience he wished he had for himself. He believes there’s nothing more rewarding than giving back to the sport of paramotoring, which he does as an EAA Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Councilman, and volunteer Co-Chairman at the AirVenture Ultralight Area. 

Andrew Solano, Featured Instructor 





Andrew is a USPPA-rated paramotor instructor, lifelong aviator and adventurer, Chihuahua rescuer, and retired Marine Corps veteran. One of Andrew Solano’s earliest memories is that of a small remote control hang glider which hung in the corner of his bedroom that his father, also an aviator and Marine Corps veteran, brought back from his adventures in Okinawa, Japan — this hanglider was a small part of what initially sparked his lifelong infatuation with the miracle of human flight. As a young boy, Andrew grew up homebuilding airplanes and ultralights with his father in his driveway, and at the age of 12, moved to Okinawa with his family. It was there in Okinawa, just before his 13th birthday, that Andrew experienced his first solo flight on a paraglider, which set the rest of his life on a new and exciting path. At that point in time, Andrew was the youngest certified paragliding pilot in the world. “It changed everything,” said Andrew. “Paragliding was never far from my heart after that.” 


He then built and flew his own ultralight throughout high school before enlisting in the Marine Corps and becoming an Airframes and Hydraulics Mechanic for AV-8B Harriers for 12 years. In the last 8 years of his career, Andrew worked as an Airframes and Hydraulics for the F-35B, during the first several years of its initial integration. Meanwhile, he rediscovered his love for paragliding while stationed in Yuma, AZ, took up paramotoring, and served in the schoolhouse as an Airframes and Hydraulics for both the AV-8B and F-35. There, he gained experience as an educator, learned new techniques, and honed skills which he continues to employ, develop, and refine as a paramotor instructor today. After 20 years of service to the United States, Andrew made the decision to retire because he knew in his heart that becoming a paramotor instructor and school owner was the only thing that would ultimately make him happy — therefore, it had to be the foundation of his next life chapter. 


Shortly after retiring in 2017, Andrew met Jon Eisele while he was teaching a class on Human Factors & Safety at Aviator PPG. With their shared backgrounds, training philosophies, leadership experiences, passions for instructing, hearts for aviation, and brotherhood as Marines, Jon and Andrew quickly became loyal friends and trusted training partners. Andrew eagerly asked Jon to mentor his growth as an instructor and to help develop the training curriculum at Skyfield Flightworks in Ridgeland, SC; Jon quickly accepted, and fuel met flame. After a very successful few years, in 2019, Andrew chose to temporarily mothball Skyfield Flightworks, in order to move his operations to Dunnellon, FL as an extended campus of Aviator PPG’s operations, where he served as the School Manager. 

Andrew considers himself very fortunate to have attended numerous flying expeditions alongside renowned paramotor and paragliding adventurer, Jeff Hamann. In 2017, he was a part of an expedition to Peru in which three paramotors flew 500 miles down the southern Peruvian coast. He later participated in the Humboldt Invitational, which was a gathering and paramotor adventure trip down the California coast for any adventurer that had previously attended a Hamann expedition. 


Andrew remains passionate about sharing his love of flight and developing quality paramotor pilots who respect the sport. In 2020, Andrew made new plans to relaunch Skyfield Flightworks, based upon everything that he’d learned since retiring from the Marine Corps — you can expect to read updates on the second integration of Skyfield Flightworks in the near future.

Johnson Qu, Featured Instructor 

Johnson Qu is a witty intellectual, USPPA-rated paramotor instructor, avid one-wheeler, electrical engineer, and all-around smart person with a penchant for curiosity, adventure, secrecy, and petty acts of mischief — you probably wouldn't believe some of the stuff this cool nerd has done or gotten away with. There are a few hints toward where Johnson's aviation dreams originated. At age 5, someone gifted him a set of US military aircraft fact cards. Over the years, he constantly flipped between the various jets, from the F-14 Tomcat to the SR-71 Blackbird, looking over the numbers from middle hardpoints to extended fuel ranges. When friends and family visited, they probably would've been educated on the differences between the 'lame' radar-locked AIM-7 Sparrow missiles compared to the 'cool' heat-seeking AIM-9 Sidewinders. 


While Johnson was an electrical engineering student at Harvey Mudd College, the perfect storm of events came together: The sunny climate of Southern California introduced to him the world of 'adventure sports'. Week-long adventures in the high alpine, downhill longboarding, various martial arts, and parkour became the preferred method of stress relief from the firehose of academia. With each, he found that there was a focus on optimizing the gear to progress in the sport, while complimenting it to how it would best fit personal muscle memory preferences and development. As Johnson explains, "Just because the longboard he bought was one of the top pieces of gear on the market, didn't mean the rider was any good the first day he got on it". Over the years, he went between different boards, and after becoming the lead student machinist, he crafted a board heavily inspired by aerospace, made only with 2024 alloys and carbon fiber he had heard about touring Scaled Composites and Edwards Air Force Base.


Much to Johnson's regret, although there used to be a joint Aeronautical Engineering and Pilots License-granting degree program, that curriculum was no longer offered. His focus turned to systems engineering, but alumni of the college's aviation program were generous enough to pass on the staff. Johnson became president of the Barnstormers Club, and racked up a few hours in anything he could get his hands on. Between cranking a turn that spilled drinks in the cabin of a Cessna Citation, and multiple thermalling trips in a DG-1000 sailplane, Johnson imagined an aircraft with flight controls which were paired with human instinct. Around the same time, Johnson's interest was piqued when he discovered a video of a man flying a fabric wing under a bridge being propelled by a backpack fan. After turning to Google, Johnson did what he had always done over the years — committed the stats of the various paramotor models he researched to memory. However, he also left himself a mental note to find a path towards learning how to fly one in the next place he would call home.


Fast forward a few years, Johnson moved to the Boston area where he found himself kiting relentlessly, racking up hours wrenching on two strokes, and discovering all the disciplines the sport of paramotoring had opened to him. A few years into his flying, his friends encouraged him to sign up for a USPPA instructor clinic. From there a new priority was born, and Johnson formed his own school, Class Q Airspace. Always on the lookout for a new flying adventure, Johnson completed the 2017 Icarus-X Florida race (where he spent the night at an alligator farm), and has participated in countless training sessions between his home in Massachusetts, California, Florida, South Carolina, and Costa Rica. As he was quoted in this article, Johnson explains, "This is one of the few sports where you have to learn through success." As such, Johnon's goal is to accelerate the continuous progression of not only his own skills, but also the skills of anyone who wishes to learn from him. 

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